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Classified Services

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At P.I. HELP Injury Clinics in Salt Lake City (Murray), UT, our mission is to provide patients with expert and remarkable chiropractic care and physical rehabilitation therapy after an auto accident.
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To come to the accident treatment clinic in San Antonio, TX, where, when they are taking chiropractic care actions, they are making rehabilitation service productive and exemplary, visit Back Clinic!
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Lindell Chiropractic provides Chiropractic Care for back and neck pain conditions in Corpus Christi, TX. Dr. Lindell has devout his life in treating clients not only with back and neck pain but as well as with musculoskeletal ailments. Call Lindell Chiropractic for an appointment today at 361-991-4500.
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Texas Spine Clinic is the premier spine care facility in San Antonio that offers nonsurgical and noninvasive solutions to back pain. We provide the safest and most technologically advanced treatments available in a friendly, professional and caring environment.
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At Culebra Injury & Pain Clinic, we provide a wide range of chiropractic services to help you live pain-free. Whether you suffer from auto accident-related injuries or general neck and back pain, we tackle the underlying issues and offer a unique treatment plan tailored to each individual patient.
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Dr. Summer Kotson grew up in Kerrville, Texas. She left the Heart of the Hill Country for Angelo State University in the fall of 2007 where the plan was to get a degree in Biology and apply to medical school. Feeling uninspired by a potential career in medicine and sick-care, she found herself extensively researching holistic providers that were more in-line with her life’s purpose.
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Strategic Chiropractor
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Federal Employees and government contractors that have been injured while on the job performing work-related duties can seek care from us, 210WORKERS - Federal Workers Compensation Injury Clinic. Call at 210-967-5377 For more information about federal work comp doctor.Hours: Mon To Fri 9:00am to 7:00 pm, Sat 8AM–12PM, sunday-closed
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At PIHELP – accident and injury chiropractic San Antonio, TX, Salt Lake City, UT it is our promise that we will treat you and your loved ones with respect and compassion. Your family will be treated with dignity – honestly and fairly. We not only demand strict professional standards, we demand excellence. PIHELP teams up with the best personal injury attorneys in Texas and Utah to help you file a claim or lawsuit for maximum compensation.
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The Strategic Chiropractor was founded by Tom Necela, DC, CPC, CPMA, CCP-P and is dedicated to helping Doctors of Chiropractic to work smarter IN business and in getting OUT of practice. We educate chiropractors through our private coaching programs, products, webinars, continuing education seminars as well as through our award-winning blog found on our website at
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San Antonio Wellness Chiropractic professionals are proud of delivering high quality, affordable, convenient chiropractic services.
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If your bones and muscles have taken a beating from the strenuous activities you undertake for your bread butter, for your pain management come running to Franklin Chiropractic & Accident Clinics, Inc., San Antonio, TX.
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Interventional Pain Management under the guidance of Dr. Urfan Dar offers a unique approach to avoid chronic pain to maintain quality of life. Helping people alleviate back and neck pain in San Antonio and New Braunfels we are the best pain management doctors and specialists in the area. Call us today for a consultation.